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Caribbean Lottery produces another Super Lotto millionaire in Anguilla


Caribbean Lottery produces another Super Lotto millionaire in Anguilla

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THE VALLEY, AnguillaCaribbean Lottery is pleased to announce that the Super Lotto Jackpot for June 16, 2017 in the amount of EC$6 530 000, was won by two players. One of them is Keith Brooks from Anguilla, who has been playing Super Lotto since the game’s introduction on the island.

The Anguillan won a share of the jackpot amounting to EC$4 080 000 (BDS $3 031 250) with an EC$6 ticket. The other winner, from Jamaica, purchased a split price ticket and won EC$2 456 789. Both players purchased the winning numbers: 06, 09, 11, 16, 19 and Super Ball 04.

 Brooks has now become part of a rich history for Caribbean Lottery, having joined a long list of Super Lotto winners. Super Lotto has generated over US$2.4 million in prizes for over 86 900 winners so far, this year.

Brooks has been playing the same numbers consistently.

“I play my own numbers. There are five of them. I play 06, which is my lucky number; 09, the day on which I was born; 11, the month on which I was born; 19, the beginning of the year when I was born; and 16 – I just love that number!

“In every draw I would play those five numbers and match them with the Super Lotto ball from 1 to 10.  I only had five favourite numbers, and winning the Super Lotto jackpot requires six – so I decided to buy my five favourite numbers and purchased all the Super Lotto balls from 1 to 10,” he said. (PR/NB)