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In step, except on CTUSAB


In step, except on CTUSAB

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THERE ONCE WAS an umbrella organisation answering to the acronym CTUSAB – the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados.

It had its wings clipped by an act of pique by the strongest member of the group when the Lord High Panjandrum of the Barbados Workers’ Union walked that body out of CTUSAB.

When Ms Toni Moore became the head just over two years ago I had hoped she could soon develop the fortitude – the adjective that accompanies that word does not apply – to take the BWU back into CTUSAB.

It hasn’t happened so far.

I agree with the Prime Minister. Why did four trade union heads have to call him out of a session of the House of Assembly to deliver a letter? Were they delivering a couch, or a roll of wall-to-wall carpet?

These days it’s all about optics. What former Prime Minister Owen Arthur calls “theatrics”.

No one, meanwhile, can accuse the teachers of leaving the people’s children unattended: it’s vacation time!

Trade unionism is in disarray. This disorganised group now threatening to shut down the country say they “don’t break ranks”. They’ve already done so by sidelining CTUSAB.