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Police warn public not to walk on crime scenes


Police warn public not to walk on crime scenes

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THE ROYAL Barbados Police Force has expressed concern about public contamination of crime scenes in the wake of video of a recent murder scene circulating on social media.

Police say they have seen video clips of the scene at Todds Land, St George, where 48-year-old Kenrick Adolphus Spooner of #1 Poole Land, St John was killed.

“The behaviour of curious onlookers at the scenes of crime is a major concern for the force. There are instances when civilians converge on scenes before the arrival of police officers,” they said a release.

“We are strongly appealing to member of the public who arrive at a crime scene before officers to desist from congregating or walking in the immediate area. This behaviour is likely to have a negative impact on police investigations, since it may result in the crime scene being destroyed or contaminated. As a consequence evidence which may assist with the investigations may be damaged.

“In the past we have also appealed for persons to desist from posting such horrific incidents on the social media, taking into consideration the emotional trauma, it will have on family members.”

Spooner’s body was discovered in a bushy area at Todds Land, St George on Thursday.

Investigations are continuing. (PR/SAT)