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Young people display poor speaking skills


Young people display poor speaking skills

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PERSONAL HYGIENE AND ETIQUETTE call for individual effort. It is one of the most basic efforts one can perform.

Many young black boys don’t seem to make this effort and girls are joining their ranks. But where is their self-esteem, that whole value of self-worth and pride?

This is not the only yardstick – their language as well.

When one is near to young people one hears of so many holes you can tend to believe you are in an environment of sieves. Even in personal one-to-one conversations this type of language used.

The main culprit seems to be the minibuses, which some children seem to wait on. But many homes seem to generate these name callings. Angry parents call their progeny by these vicious and violent words.

As a former principal of St George Secondary once said, English should be taught as a second language.

Bajan dialect is appropriate. We are all versed in this language. put aside the curse words. English orientation should begin, like Spanish, with simple words and their meanings, verbs and conjugations in line with the English equivalents, along with synonyms and antonyms. When they have mastered these words, they should be engaged in discussions, making presentations in front of a class or in small groups.

Whatever became of spelling and dictation?

Parents and teachers need to take a hold of these unfortunate black children. when you lack the ability to communicate with those around you, it can severely hamper your chances in life.