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Workers deserve a strike fund


Workers deserve a strike fund

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IS IT REALLY TRUE what I heard on Friday from a former senior trade unionist? Would he have been right with what he had to say about the trade unions?

Can Miss Toni Moore, Mr Akanni McDowall, Miss Mary Redman and Mr Pedro Shepherd please inform us, the general public, including the members of the collective and individual unions, that there is no strike fund?

Does this mean that public officers who take industrial action and are off the job protesting against their employer must with the same mouth and hands reach out to that employer for mercy by granting them the pay for services not rendered.

After 75 years of an active, boisterous and sometimes bellicose trade union movement, shouldn’t the protection of workers who must take to the picket line in defence of what is perceived as a stand against wrong, be a priority?

The unions, rather than sporting expensive luxury vehicles, which they may have been granted free of duties, should ensure there is good provision within the labour movement for its members. This should include a strike fund.

Perhaps Mr David Comissiong, whose wish is to defend every cause, may want to speak, in his very able style, to this uneasy matter.