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Party Monarch shifted from Soca Royale finale spot


Party Monarch shifted from Soca Royale finale spot

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FOR THE FIRST TIME in its 22 years the Party Monarch competition will not be the climax event at MQI/98.1 The One Soca Royale.

In a surprise move, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) has decided to end the event with the Sweet Soca competition instead.

Event producer Aja told the DAILY NATION: “we switched it at semi-finals so we are just continuing with that for the finals.”

He refuted suggestions the switch was made because the Sweet Soca line-up is more competitive than the Party Monarch.

“Pyrotechnics will be in both shows. I don’t think that one show is better than the other. For me it all depends on what happens on the day or rather the night.” The competition starts at 6:45 p.m.

However, two artistes in this year’s Soca Royale and consistent finalists see it as a “further blow” to an already wounded Party Monarch.