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Need for better traffic signage in Warrens


Need for better traffic signage in Warrens

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THE LONG-OVERDUE traffic signs in the Warrens area are being worked on, in fulfilment of a promise to review the direction.

What bothers me at this stage, however, is that the markings on the road are always covered by traffic so most of the time they cannot be seen.

They are generally too late (too close to the roundabouts), the one heading north from the bank towards the Sol gas station is too small, insignificant and showing insufficient distinction between the arrow for the gas station lane and the arrow for the Hinds Hill lane, with many drivers in the middle lane still keeping north and clashing with drivers in the right lane.

When approaching the roundabout from the northern end, one can see clearly and well in advance a high overhead green-backed sign hanging from a pole in the median.

Why not such a sign from the opposite approach, which is also very busy?

Solid lines are needed beyond which motorists must go before changing lanes coming off any roundabout.

Those in the right lane at the gas station in Warrens who are heading north and trying to head across to the left lane for exiting to Clermont or Queen’s College often cut in and across those already in the middle lane, seemingly assuming that the dominance in the right lane approaching the roundabout carries on beyond the roundabout.

As a result, they cut across and head off those in the middle and left lanes, even when the crossover from the right lane is taking place long after leaving the roundabout.

Another problem is that there are not enough signs, and sometimes none, when two lanes before a roundabout become one lane beyond the roundabout