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Faithful journey

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

Faithful journey

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IT’S BEEN A long journey for Faith Callender.

“I was always interested in music. I learnt the flute at school and studied music theory. I also started to take a few vocal training classes and would go to as much open mic sessions and showcases I knew about,” she told EASY magazine.

“I was first drawn to reggae music, and I think this was due to the fact that off stage I’m more of a relaxed individual and reggae gives that feeling. But I always felt like there was more I could give and I was encouraged to try soca music, not knowing that when I got a taste of performing soca music it would be so dynamic. An alter ego comes out that is full of energy and excitement and I love that transition and feeling it brings.”

From third form at the Alleyne School where she entered her first singing competition and won, to 2017 where she is in her first Party Monarch finals, the sexy singer has evolved from the girl next door to being boughie with a touch of bashy in the last two to three years.

“I won’t say I’ve gone bad or bashy for that matter (long laugh), but I’ve definitely opened up a bit more and stepped outside of what may seem like the ordinary. Growth is always a major part of developing as an artiste and my confidence and sound are definitely evolving.”

But EASY wouldn’t let her off the hook so easily, asking about her stage appearance, which she admitted has got sexier.

Is that in keeping with the new Faith we have been seeing?

“Yes and no. Leotards and body suits have always been my thing for the stage. I’m just trying to find more creative ways to bring my outfits to life on stage, with the increase of confidence being a major factor.”

She draws the line though at see-through pieces or bikini thong cut bottoms.

This year Faith has been busy under new management headed by Matthew “Fewwture” Ashby. With new music and videos to match, she was the only female to make it into the semi-finals of both the Party Monarch and Sweet Soca competitions.

“I prayed really hard to get into both semi-finals. I’ve never made it to the Sweet Soca semis so to hear that I had made both and with a song I wrote was an amazing feeling. My first time in the competition was in 2014 with a track entitled Lock It and that year I was the reserve for the Party Monarch finals.”

Next week Sunday she will grace the Party Monarch stage as a first-time finalist at No. 3. and is also one of two females in the competition.

The self-penned Refill (sweet soca) was produced by Noize Boyz. The concept was to re-enact real life experiences at a fête . . . where one shot [of alcohol] is never enough at a soca party.

Run It was written by Trinidadian writers Keegan Taylor and Kit Israel, produced by Bad John Republic, also based in Trinidad, and recorded at Slam City Studios.

“This one is all about female empowerment and showing the world that we come to take over and we run the carnival. With this one my manager and I had spoken about what I wanted my power soca song to be about this year, and the next morning this was sitting in our inbox . . . . We felt like the stars aligned on this one.”

Faith has stepped out of her musical comfort zone, so to speak, as many would have seen her bashment soca collaboration with artiste Scrilla.

“Fewwture and Scrilla have been friends for a while, so Fewwture proposed the idea to him to do a collaboration with a female artiste and he agreed that it would be a great idea to partner with me. We linked up at the studio, Scrilla wrote the track Gimme in about 45 minutes and then we executed it and brought a visual with its release.”

“I’m not saying never,” she said in response to being asked about entering the Bashment Soca competition.

“I wanted to contribute to the bashment soca art form and I did the track as a fun and fresh way to show a different side of Faith. I’m not sure if I would ever take it to the competition stage.”

Faith is looking forward to rehearsals this week, and is keeping her concept close to her chest. “I am grateful to be there. I am just looking forward to doing my best,” she said.

And is that body envied by many?

It takes a lot of hard work. Training is at least four days a week along with eating clean, not only for the season, extolled the former Banks Calendar Girl.

“But I do cheat,” she said, laughing. “Don’t ever bring fried chicken, pasta or pizza around me.” (NS)

4 things about Faith

1. If you had to pick one artiste in the world living or dead to do a duet, who would it be and why?

At this stage in my career I would say Machel Montano, because he is viewed as the pinnacle of soca and to share a stage with him, taking soca music to the world, feeding off of his positive energy would be amazing.

2. Make-up or no make-up?

Make-up for stage, no make-up for everyday life. I hate the hassle of taking it off at the end of the day (laughing). No make-up is the more comfortable option for me.

3. Pet peeve?

Long lines, cigarette smoke, and slow drivers

4. Heels or sandals?