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Put aside egos, let all ideas contend


Put aside egos, let all ideas contend

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DO WE, AS the normal ego-driven personalities have a self-centred sense of entitlement to the rightness of our views and solutions, especially for the economic woes of Barbados?

In an answer, it seems as if that has been the position of this DLP government since it has been in office – ego-driven. They have neither followed the alerts of individuals, of the collective, nor indeed the klaxon calls of their own members in parliament that they are going the wrong way down a one-way street, as it were.

We can take little comfort in their forecasting models since all previous projections of ‘fair weather’ have produced only drizzles and drought stricken anaemic economic plants. With the barn now overburdened with chaff, who knows where one would find that needle attached to the syringe of economic reprieve for the country.

No doubt some ego-driven person may proffer the solution. That, however, may just be a solution which will have to be modified as the true economic and fiscal position emerges after the next election. Indeed, does anybody know what are the current monthly payments the government should be making now and what are the best projections for the new financial year 2018-2019 based only on current indebtedness?

One income stream seems to have been reduced to more numbers yet less income – that’s tourism. Is it an economic plank or are we ‘‘walking the plank’’ of the numbers game? Maybe we can develop one form of extreme games around the traditional lighters we used previously for ferrying goods to and from ships at anchor.

We would need to research how to build same. This may take a year or so to actually construct at least two to start, with the aim to develop a ‘‘world lighterman challenge’’. Parallel or ahead of that event we might sponsor the ‘‘World Road Tennis Championships’’.

International business is slowly being cauterised by the ‘‘hot iron’’ of new financial reporting obligations and other rules. 

‘‘Manufacturing of the mind’’ may be the next best route. By that I mean we shall spruce up and revitalise manufacturing hubs to offer facilities for development of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality tools and electronic games. Within eighteen months we have a rebranded Future Centre which forms a new attraction for visitors able to interact with the AI, virtual reality tools and electronic games.

I have no monopoly on ideas for the future of this country nor am I so ego-driven that I feel mine is the only path forward. Let all ideas contend.