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Bajans must hold place on WI team


Bajans must hold place on WI team

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IT IS INDEED a real joy to know that so many Barbadians are in the West Indies cricket team once again.

This is something all Barbadians should be very proud of since it shows that our standard of cricket is not the worst in the region.

What our players must do now is to hold their places in the team and also make a determined effort to raise the standard of the regional side’s performance. Mr Jason Holder has a duty to not only lead the side to success in the forthcoming Test series but has to reshape the team.

Despite what is said, cricket still means a lot to us in Barbados and indeed across the Caribbean and if our team returns to its winning ways, there will be pride and celebration here in Bim and across the entire region. 

There will also be celebration of our success in much the same way the entire Caribbean jumps for joy with the success of Usain Bolt.

The entire West Indies team must recognise that the region is looking to them, not to making a century here and there, or capturing five or more wickets on a few occasions, but to bring home the bacon.

We can do it. Mr Holder and his team must show they have what it takes.