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Mottley: PM looking for excuses


Mottley: PM looking for excuses

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OPPOSITION LEADER MIA MOTTLEY has responded to suggestions that the Barbados Labour Party is behind today’s protest march.

She told NATION ONLINE Prime Minister Freundel Stuart was “looking for excuses”.

“What he ought to be doing is leading the country instead of being adversarial and picking fights.

“Two of the three social partners have said that they have a difficulty, they want to talk. That is a most reasonable request. That there has been dialogue in the past is not sufficient; there is always room for dialogue.

“It is always time to talk and I would hope that he recognises that when relationships break down there must always be somebody to appeal to in this country,” Mottley said.

The Opposition Leader was speaking in The City as she joined the march organised by the island’s four main trade unions and the Barbados Private Sector Association. (BN)