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Marching alone won’t solve problems


Marching alone won’t solve problems

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IN THE BARBADIAN political arena of loggerheads and threatening stances of late, cool heads are needed, not “powerful foolishness”. You don’t put out a fire with fire, but with water. Unrest does not bring positive solutions; it only inflames what’s there already.

Look at Venezuela. Truth, patience, maturity and reciprocal understanding go a long way in quelling such.

Fair reason must be met.

Unlike the Arab Spring, Barbados’ highly respected political intelligentsia has an opportunity here to show the world that it can and will solve this explosive problem and be a shining light for all to see.

Marching alone won’t solve the problem for no one can know what solutions will come to the table in a meeting.

Once cool heads prevail, there should be fair negotiations on both sides.