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Opposition leader says inquiry into assassination plot is unnecessary


Opposition leader says inquiry into assassination plot is unnecessary

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GEORGETOWN – Opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo believes that the Assassination Plot Commission of inquiry could demoralise members the police force and only serves to destroy the reputation of senior members. 

Jagdeo, during a press conference on Friday said the inquiry is not good for the country.

The former President made the comment almost two weeks after the commencement of the Paul Slowe Commission of Inquiry into the alleged plot to assassinate President David Granger.

The Commission is examining, among other things, whether the Guyana Police Force conducted a proper investigation.

“Imagine this is the priority (of the government) when they should be looking at recapturing the prisoners that escaped, Senior Police Officers have to go there and be disparaged by a Mr Slowe. I think the matter is trivial and could have been solved differently,” he said.

Jagdeo was particularly critical of Inquiry Commissioner, Paul Slowe, who is a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police and who served the Guyana Police Force while Jagdeo was President. 

Jagdeo described Paul Slowe, a retired Assistant Commissioner as “a relatively junior officer” who he considered an activist of the Coalition government.

Jagdeo said he could not support Slowe’s questioning of the leadership of the force and how they conducted the investigation.

He said a better intervention on the government’s part would have been to call in the police and place them on notice that the government was not satisfied and request a comprehensive report.

“That would have had the matter addressed and we would not have had to spend millions of dollars but they opted for a public inquiry into a so-called assassination plot at a time when the country is facing its more serious threats to law and order,” he added. 

The opposition leader said the commission is being conducted in a partisan way and had consequences for who will take over the leadership of the force in the future. 

“It’s a charade. It’s not necessary at this time. We have bigger fish to fry.”

In April reports, surfaced in the media of an alleged plot to kill President David Granger. 

Earlier this month, he ordered a Commission of Inquiry into the alleged assassination plot. (CMC)

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