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‘No glare’ of cameras, please


‘No glare’ of cameras, please

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THIS IS A PLEA to “the powers that be”: no television coverage of any Social Partnership meeting, please; for we have all seen how people react in the presence of the television camera(s). Indeed, we have seen how some people smile even in the most distressing situations since the belief is that one must always smile for the camera.

To take it to the extreme, I am reliably informed that one government minister always checks to make sure that the CBC camera is there before making his appearance to speak. I don’t know if that might be called “hogging the camera”.  Then we have another who “hugs the camera” with his pithy remarks, which are frequently at a tangent from the very policies which he votes for in parliament. Might that be called “kissing up to the camera”?

If the discussion is to be televised, will it be tape-delayed in case there are strong words from either side, or will the delay only apply to one side? Who speaks first and who speaks last? In what order will people be allowed to speak, or is it to be a modified press conference, question and answer?

I suggest that in a meeting as critical as one which concerns the short- and medium-term future of our country, all participants must be allowed to speak freely, openly and honestly. I call for a proper “gander” (gander is slang for “look”) and not a platform for platitudes and propaganda as it is likely to be in front of the television camera(s).