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Police force needs more manpower


Police force needs more manpower

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THE AUTHORITIES in Barbados must not simply say that the crime situation in Barbados is not so bad, or as bad as it is in other Caribbean countries, and feel that is reason for us not to worry or take precautionary measures against any upsurge in violence.

I am sure that the people in Trinidad and Tobago would never have imagined that the violence they now encounter would have reached the level it is at.

This is why the police force must be given the equipment and the manpower it requires to do an effective job.

The police should have a helicopter, a few drones, cameras at locations all across the island that are constantly monitored by the police themselves 24 hours a day, and more motorcycles, bicycles, jeeps and horses to have an ever-vigilant presence in communities Sunday to Saturday.

The shortage of approximately 200 men and women should be filled over the next two years and there should be enhanced use of technology by the officers in the pursuit of their jobs.

The police, with its many divisions, will be the arm of law and order which we will have to depend on to keep this island safe for visitors and Bajans alike.