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Come with plan to transform cricket


Come with plan to transform cricket

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CONGRATULATIONS to Conde Riley on his election as the new president of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA).

I do hope that within a matter of months he can come to the public, not just the BCA’s membership, and outline a plan on how he and his team will transform cricket in Barbados.

I suggest that he look at integrating the Barbados Cricket league into the BCA’s fold, since the reasons and purpose for the division between the two cricket bodies no longer exist.

I am also appealing to him to promote cricket as a family sport and not as a male-dominated one.

He should also look at the business side of the sport, especially as it relates to sports tourism while trying to capitalise on developing our skills in areas such as coaching, umpiring and turf management.

Hopefully, he will not uphold the status quo and fail to appreciate the opportunities that change can bring to the game. It must be seen as an employment generator and also a foreign exchange earner, not just a pastime for gentlemen based on a class structure.