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Bermudian actor celebrates 100th birthday


Bermudian actor celebrates 100th birthday

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HAMILTON – The legendary Bermudian actor, Earl Cameron, is celebrating his 100th birth on Tuesday with the Bermuda Department of Community and Cultural Affairs indicating that it will host an event here in October to celebrate the occasion.

Cameron, the first black actor to star in a British film, lives in Warwickshire, with his wife Barbara. 

The Department, in partnership with the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club, said it would on October 19 host the event titled Our Earl Is 100 Years Young!

Cameron said he never saw himself as “a pioneer” saying “it was only later, looking back, that it occurred to me I was” as he recounted how he first landed in the United Kingdom from Bermuda in October 1939 at the start of World War II.

Former Bermuda cultural affairs officer Ruth Thomas said “he never forgot his homeland” adding that, “so many of us would like to do things, but somebody like that has the extra bit of nerve”.

“Later in life we can find ourselves thinking ‘if only’. I am very proud of him.”

Seeking fortune just before World War II, Cameron joined the merchant marines, struggled through menial jobs in wartime London, and stumbled on to the stage as a hurried recruit when an actor failed to show up. 

He went on to break the race barrier in 1951 in Pool of London and many Bermudians turned out to see his films including the 1965 James Bond movie Thunderball shot in the Bahamas in which he played a role.

His accomplishments were recognised in 2009 when he was made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) and The Earl Cameron Theatre here named in his honour in 2012. (CMC)