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Uncertainty over dream of becoming jockey

CARLOS ATWELL, [email protected]

Uncertainty over dream of becoming jockey

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BRENDA HINKSON was at home when she received the terrible news that her son had been shot.

Her son, Akeem Hinkson, was one of the victims of the Monday night mass shooting at Spring Garden. He was hit no fewer than four times – in both legs, an arm and his side.

The Chapman Lane, St Michael resident said she couldn’t believe the news at first.

“My oldest son get a message and tell me then another family member who works with the NCF (National Cultural Foundation) call and tell me he get shoot. That’s my last son, that wasn’t easy to hear,” she said.

Hinkson said Akeem, 18, still has two bullets lodged in his body – one in his right foot and another in one of his shoulders. He was hit in both legs but she said he had not gone to surgery as yet. An aspiring jockey, it is unknown whether he will be able to continue pursuing his dream.

Couldn’t believe it

“I couldn’t believe that was my son when I went to the hospital. I couldn’t believe how many people there that did get shoot.

“My son was with a girl and she get shoot too and she already get surgery but not him and I don’t know why not. He was supposed to go Tuesday and then [Wednesday] night but it keep getting put back,” she said.

Hinkson said her son was keeping a brave face but had a swollen right leg where the bullet is lodged. She said she did not know what was happening to Barbados concerning all the gun violence and could only wait and see how her son would fare.

The WEEKEND NATION contacted the Queen Elizabeth Hospital about Hinkson but was told they would be unable to release any information on patients. (CA)