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Water message should be non-stop


Water message should be non-stop

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LAST YEAR, BARBADOS had a woeful time with water outages and shortages in many parts. The situation was unbearable for many.

Today, the situation has improved to the stage where we are not hearing the calls of complaints on the radio stations nor seeing reports in the newspapers about the hardships people encountered. We must be all grateful for the turnaround in fortunes.

However, we seem still not to be doing much to prepare for a possible return to “waterless” days or even weeks.

Our penchant for criticising and tearing down was expertly highlighted during that period, but now the suggestions, ideas and recommendations are not coming forward. It seems as if the water problem was truly a seven-day wonder.

The carrying of water, whether in bottles or some other container to the folks in the affected areas was only a quick-fix solution. The complaining on the call-in programmes and the hosts/moderators getting all excited and anxious have disappeared. The Opposition Barbados Labour Party is on mute on the issue, while the Government has no reason to speak up and out since it’s not under fire. The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) remains silent, which is perhaps the most unfortunate thing in this entire post-water crisis.

The BWA should have been using the period non-stop to speak about conservation, water use management, and encouraging householders to install tanks to hold water for domestic usage.

Hopefully the recent rains will help replenish the underground water levels in a few months’ time and the situation should not be very serious if we have a few dry weeks or months.

What is clear is that we need to have a proper water management usage system, led by an efficiently managed BWA.