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Ministry set up to maintain roads


Ministry set up to maintain roads

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It would be like a dream come true if the Ministry of Transport and Works can attend to some urgent issues which affect motorists and pedestrians all across Barbados.

It would also mean that the ministry is doing what it has been established to do, and that is maintain the roads and highways all across Barbados.

Why is it taking so long to complete the roadworks at Green Hill opposite the Manor Lodge complex going into PriceSmart?

This road has been in a state of disrepair, incompleteness and utter confusion for far too long. It is a hindrance to motorists and a nightmare for pedestrians.

Why is the road leading from Simpson Motors to Redmans Village not completed? This is a major roadway and should not be left in such a state. I am glad the Nation highlighted the absolute disgrace of shrubbery growing near the jersey barriers.

Why are so many of our newly built roads done without pedestrian consideration as if we are copying what obtains in North America with its super highways? The Spring Garden highway was built with no real consideration for the communities which it bisects.

The residents of Pile Bay are a mere afterthought. The ABC highway is really no different; just like the highway stretching from Warrens to St Lucy’s Parish Church.

Then there is the state of disrepair of so many roads with simply too many potholes. It is an unacceptable state of affairs and no number of excuses can satisfy.

Please, don’t tell me about other countries whose roads are worse, I would rather be compared with those countries where the roads are far better.

– Freddie Wilson

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