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LIAT Travel Advisory No. 3


LIAT Travel Advisory No. 3

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ST JOHN’S – LIAT wishes to advise passengers that due to the passage of Tropical Storm Harvey that several destinations will be affected.

Due to several airport closures and late opening times the following flights have been cancelled for Friday August 18,  2017:

LI 773 from Antigua to Barbados

LI 381 from Dominica to Barbados

LI 304 from St Vincent to Barbados

LI 374 from Barbados to St Lucia

LI 375 from St Lucia to Barbados

LI 308 from Trinidad to Grenada

LI 308 from Grenada to Barbados

LI 310 from Port of Spain to St Vincent

LI 310 from St Vincent to St Lucia

LI 310 from St Lucia to Antigua

LI 300 from Barbados to Tortola

LI 301 from Tortola to Barbados

LI 370 from Barbados to St Lucia

LI 371from St Lucia to St Vincent

LI 371 from St Vincent to Barbados

LI 771 from Barbados to St Vincent

LI 771 from St Vincent to Port of Spain


Passengers should expect some delays in flight services. Passengers travelling on Friday 18th August are asked to check the LIAT website (, and the LIAT social media pages for information on the status of their flights and further travel advisories.

Please note passengers who have been affected will be allowed to rebook within the next two weeks with all change fees waived. We strongly advise our passengers to contact LIAT’s Call Centre for rebooking:

1-888-844-LIAT (5428) Toll Free from destinations within the Caribbean Region

Call Antigua 1-268-480-5601/2 from other countries

Within Antigua 480-5582

1-246 434 5428 from Barbados

LIAT also wishes to advise that passengers who decide to travel but are unable to complete their journey due to disruption caused by weather conditions, will not be provided with meals, transportation, hotel accommodation etc. Passengers with onward connections are advised to contact the respective regional and international carriers.

LIAT regrets any inconvenience caused by these delays/cancellations as a result of the passage of the impending tropical storm.

The next advisory will be given at 9 a.m. on Friday. (PR)