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Youth not given fair chance


Youth not given fair chance

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HERE WE GO AGAIN. Once more the bourgeois pundits are crawling from their holes spouting empty rhetoric about crime and violence. Everybody who claims to be a “somebody,” now has an opinion on the way forward for this country’s “wayward youth”.

Everybody is now jumping up and down like caged monkeys trying to find solutions to age-old problems that have been left to fester and are now oozing like sores. 

Everyone who dares to speak should be ashamed to raise their voices in private far less public. I say this because for too long as a nation of people, we have ignored all the signposts to where we are at now.

Many fathers have neglected their sons by not looking back at them from birth and leaving them at the mercy of struggling inexperienced mothers who are not ready for their roles as mothers. When predators creep in, our youth are expected to bear the full impact of various kinds of vices too unspeakable to mention. As children, they find a way to cope somehow.

Education is stacked against them. Placed in a system that promotes a capitalist ethic above their humanity, children are rushed through an education system that teaches them little about their environment, their history, their identity, moral values, responsibility to others or promotes important life skills.

 Top achievers are glorified, while the less academically inclined struggle to find their place, while perfecting their own questionable survival mechanisms. As children, they find a way to cope somehow.

Thrown into a vicious capitalist dog-eat-dog world, unable to read, write or reason well, these frustrated children who have been fed lies, hypocrisy, double standards, corruption and abuse by uncaring adults parading as parents, and leaders, now decide that they care less about what anyone thinks because they have to live like anybody else.

As they did from the time they were children, they find a way to cope somehow. Why then, are we now deceitfully feigning shock and shedding crocodile tears? The chickens have come home to roost.