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Judge orders release of Bajan

Tony Best

Judge orders release of Bajan

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A Bajan held in a maximum security Canadian prison for 18 months for no apparent reason has been ordered released by Ontario Superior Court Judge Edward Morgan.

Judge Morgan issued the order after studying the case of 38-year-old Ricardo Scotland, a single parent of a teenage daughter. The judge made his decision after asking immigration authorities to answer a key question: “why is this man in prison”?

What angered the judge was that Scotland had no criminal record or pending criminal charges, wasn’t considered a danger to himself or society but was merely viewed a flight risk pending deportation to his native-land. That forced Morgan to complain that the man was being held by the Canadian Border Services Agency on “faux breaches” or “non-breaches” of Canada’s laws,” according to the Toronto Star newspaper which first brought the Bajan’s case to light.

In a clear verbal and judicial bombshell dropped on Canada’s immigration system, Judge Morgan charged that “Mr Scotland is being held for real reason at all.”

Just as important, he said: Scotland appears enmeshed in an endless circuit of mistakes, unproven accusation and technicalities.”

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