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Wasted hours waiting on bus


Wasted hours waiting on bus

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I am writing to complain about the bus service.

We are a party of three who have come to visit your island, and we cannot understand how you cannot operate a competent bus service. We wasted a complete day today, waiting for a St Patrick’s bus from 12:15 p.m. until 2:20 p.m. We gave up because the rain started falling and there was no sign of a bus.

Two different buses turned up, and on each occasion, your surly drivers shook their head without a word – what does that mean, and where was the bus?

We have been here for almost three weeks, and throughout that time, the bus at Fairchild Street Bus Terminal has been so late every time. People have to stand waiting for a bus that is not on time – do you know how that feels?

I do not know whether the public complains, but I look around and I see one set of people at the terminal, and where we wait for theSt Patrick’s bus. We all deserve better service than what is offered.

Management has to be mindful that everybody on the island, whether resident or visitor, does not have a vehicle. we do not all drive; we cannot all afford taxis, and we are keeping the service going by loyally waiting for, and taking the bus.

I am disappointed that hours are wasted because the bus service is abysmal.

– Cynthia Layne