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Woman forgives her lover

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

Woman forgives her lover

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A TAXI OPERATOR, charged with assaulting and injuring his lover on more than one occasion, was released on bail yesterday after the woman told the court she had forgiven him. 

Edwin Oneal Greaves, 53, of Eastbourne No.1, St Philip, appeared in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court accused of assaulting his live-in girlfriend, Trecia Waithe, on August 19 and again on August 20. He was not required to plead.

According to prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Reid, Greaves became aggressive towards the complainant after she told him not to give away their foodstuff to his friend who was visiting. He became enraged, allegedly armed himself with a cutlass and struck her on the right side of her buttocks.

The prosecutor added that the accused left the house and returned about 20 minutes later. Once again he became enraged and aggressive toward his girlfriend, and again struck her on the right buttock with the cutlass, this time injuring her right leg.  

The court heard that she sought refuge at the home of one of Greaves’ relatives for the night.

He saw her in the street the next day, Reid continued, and again became aggressive when she refused to speak with him. He slapped her in the face and when she attempted to walk away, he pushed her and she fell and struck the left side of her face.

The woman telephoned the police, and Greaves was eventually arrested and charged.

The prosecutor, in objecting to bail, argued that this was not Greaves’ first occasion of violence towards his girlfriend resulting in injury, and that she needed to be protected as she feared he might escalate his actions toward her. 

However, in a twist of events, Waithe took the stand and informed the court that she no longer wished to pursue the matter, that she loved her taximan and had forgiven him.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick released Greaves, who was represented by attorney at law Kindred Sargeant, on $2 000 bail with a surety.

He transferred the matter to the District “C” jurisdiction for hearing on September 18. (RA)