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Hall documentary captivating

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Hall documentary captivating

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ALL EYES WERE locked onto the screen at the Olympus VIP Theatres yesterday as scores of people showed up to watch the movie Hall.

The thrilling documentary told the tale of notorious Barbadian fugitive Winston Hall who was one of four men charged with the murder of plantation owner Cyril Sisnett in 1985.

Unlike the other men, Hall was able to make many daring escapes from maximum security, often sending the island’s law enforcement agencies on several manhunts.

 During his time on the run, Hall was able to make it as far as the Grenadines and he even made Trinidad his home during one of his stints on the run.

 Yesterday, from around 2 p.m., there was a capacity audience at the cinema as some people had to be turned away. Those who were fortunate enough to get a seat could not take their eyes away from the screen.

They laughed, and looked on in amazement at Hall’s elusiveness. By the end of the local documentary, produced by Hall-e-wood, everyone gave the production a round of applause. (TG)