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‘Listen’ to idle youth

BARRY ALLEYNE, [email protected]

‘Listen’ to idle youth

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GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO send its own “boys” to hear from the boys on the block and not just after crimes are committed.

These “boys” should be officials looking for solutions to end the current spate of violent behaviour being exhibited by some youth, said developmental psychologist Dr Shurland Kellman. He believed that was the only way to truly determine what was causing young  men to join gangs and get involved in the type of gun-related violence which has alarmed the country this year.

“We have to go on the block, try to understand what the immediate needs of these youngsters are and look at the economic realities facing them,” Kellman said. Government, he continued, needs to look at the economic realities of the day and let that be the foundation of their research.

“Youngsters want money to function. Can Government design programmes to ease the idleness we are seeing?” he asked. (BA)

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