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Conversations with woman

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Conversations with woman

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A few years ago, Katrina Ifill started a journey to improve her overall wellness, paying special attention to her womb. It has since blossomed into a thriving business that have helped many women and it all came about because of an egg.

“It started as a personal journey. I am a mother of four and I was doing some research regarding how to keep your vaginal muscles fit and I came across Yoni Eggs, so I ordered one,” Ifill said.

She would also buy the book Emergence Of The Sensual Woman by Saida Desilets, which she read from cover to cover, but it would be another four or five months before she actually used the egg. The book made her realise the Yoni Egg was for way more than she had anticipated. It would lead her on a journey of active self-love.

“I was at that time also in an abusive relationship and I was fearful to leave . . . . We say so many times that I love myself, I love myself, but yet I was in an abusive relationship, which was evidence that I did not love myself,” Ifill said, adding that when she eventually used the egg it made her focused “on my power source as a woman”.

Ifill would gain the courage to leave the abusive partner and that opened her up to a new way of life into unfamiliar territory – taking time for herself, something that was never done before.

She would start her own business, Waves of Bliss, a programme of empowerment for women.

That was borne out of a dream five years ago that she was in a room full of women, some laughing, crying, dancing, singing and talking, while wearing beautiful vibrant colours and the floor was glowing.

Ifill would pursue more studies in Tantra teaching, taking those ancient lessons and packaging it in a way that was practical, conventional and easy for women to understand.

Another business would be birthed – Orgasmik Intelligence: “It uses the five senses and your sexual energy to heal and empower yourself,” Ifill said.

“I started to tell women, you have to get an egg, you have to get an egg and they would get interested. When I told them you put it there, they are like, you put it where?” Ifill said.

The Yoni Egg is inserted into the vaginal canal and then you do a combination of exercises, in addition to Kegels.

The combination of exercises include pelvic work and hip-opening exercises that are done with the egg inserted, and the use of the egg brings about vaginal toning and agility, meaning you are able to isolate the three muscular groups of your canal at will.

It also helps with pelvic floor muscular health.

Other benefits include reduced period blood flow and little to no cramping. Speaking from personal experience, Ifill said it even worked for her where she went from a 14-day period to three days with no clotting, cramping or pain.

When the business started, interest was high, but over time it has slowed down and she has had to do a lot of educational awareness: “Women close up because they do not like to talk about these type of things,” Ifill said.

Along with the sale of eggs and products, she also hosts the Glowing Goddess Workshops where women come together to discuss and understand their femininity and embrace their sexual sovereignty as women.

“Conversations have become more opened . . . . I am being invited to do more and more presentations and there are little pockets of women who are organising little sessions and talk shops. It is beautiful to see more women having these informal discussions about women’s health on the whole.

“It is very important, because men are having these conversations among themselves, and we as women need to recognise that we have so many similarities and can share and have these conversations among each other,” Ifill said.

“When women come together a marvellous opportunity for healing,” Ifill said.

To women who have not reached that level of understanding about themselves and breaking out of those taboos and to honour themselves, Ifill said, “Unlearn everything that you have been taught. We learn as young girls, do not touch your vagina, do not look at your vagina. . . . . Unlearn everything that tells you that it is ugly and it is not supposed to be touched”.

She added that they should then become familiar with themselves by accepting first who they are as an individual and living who they are by breaking down all the stereotypes, labels and the barriers that they have been socialised and brought up with. “Knock them all down. Don’t be harsh with yourself but be very gentle,” she said.

Ifill said her ways of teaching have been met with mixed opinions.

“I get mixed reactions, but I celebrate being able to develop and build this brand here. Barbadians, on a whole, are sceptical. Among girlfriends they have discussions but among strange women it is a no, no.”

Ifill is looking at educating young girls about themselves: “It is based and rooted in the understanding of what is self-respect. A lot of young girls are told don’t talk to boys, don’t have sex but are never told why and why not,” Ifill said.

As the mother of a daughter and three sons, Ifill said she has taughtthem about respect of self, not just physical but spiritual, emotional and mental being.

“It is easier for them to make decisions and understand why they respect other people,” she said.

With many more plans for her business, Ifill said the universe is the limit.