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Historian wants memorial restored with haste

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Historian wants memorial restored with haste

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Historian Trevor Marshall is calling for the immediate and full restoration of a fallen plaque at the Wickham-Lewis Boardwalk in The City.

During one of his tours around Bridgetown today, Marshall said he recognised that the concrete monument was lying face down on the wooden boardwalk with some of its screws loose.

He estimated that it might have fallen earlier in the day, since it was upright the day before.

Back in 2009, then Prime Minister David Thompson unveiled the plaque in commemoration of the thousands of West Africans who were brought to Barbados to be enslaved.

“It’s a cause for concern particularly since we’re in the era of people getting rid of offending statues but this is a memorial which does not offend. It enlightens, it elucidates, it even inspires,” Marshall said.

The plaque’s displacement comes days after high surfs in the Careenage spilled water onto the nearby Wharf Road. (TG)