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Mass casualty at Enterprise beach

AMANDA LYNCH-FOSTER, [email protected]

Mass casualty at Enterprise beach

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A SUNDAY EXCURSION turned scary for a group from the Disciples Training Centre this afternoon.

A mass casualty situation had to be triggered and five ambulances summoned after several people in the group of nearly 30 suddenly fell ill with what was thought to be carbon monoxide poisoning.

The incident unfolded at the popular Enterprise Beach, also known as Miami Beach. Due to the inclement weather caused by the approach of Hurricane Maria, the group decided to eat their picnic lunch inside of the bus which they had rented for the journey. The engine was left running and within an hour several people started to feel ill.

Spokesperson for the group, Reverend Antonio Corbin told STARCOM NETWORK’s Stetson Babb that 11 people started to show symptoms and they called in medical personnel “to be on the safe side.”

Fortunately, no-one was seriously ill and everyone was treated and given their discharge papers on location.

Reverend Corbin thanked the personnel and particularly those in the area of the beach who lent support as the situation unfolded.

“Some persons in the area were very supportive and even though we don’t know their names, we’d really like to thank them. They brought chairs so the people who were not feeling well could be seated and we want to say thank you so very much. Even the lady who is responsible for the care of the bathroom facility – she was scheduled to stay until 5:30 pm but she said she would stay until whatever time was necessary and we’d like to thank her as well,” said Reverend Corbin. (ALF)