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Fifth charged in Kadooment shooting

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

Fifth charged in Kadooment shooting

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A FIFTH PERSON CHARGED with the Kadooment Day shootings will spend the next 28 days at HMP Dodds.

Tosharo Ricardo Rouse, 21, of Murphy Pasture, Chapman Lane, The City, was charged with unlawfully discharging a firearm in a public place in a manner that placed 23 people in danger of death or serious bodily harm.

He is also accused, together with other people, of using unlawful violence as to cause one of the 23 to fear for his personal safety.

The 23 injured in the August 7 fracas on Spring Garden Highway also included a six-year-old child. That night, 20-year-old Tareid Rock was also shot and killed.

The unemployed Rouse, who was represented by Angella Mitchell-Gittens, was not required to plead to the indictable offence.

While the charges were being read, Rouse simply stared blankly ahead.

Unlike the other co-accused, who were previously charged with the same offence, there was no fanfare or family members in the courtyard as he was led off to jail.

Two other 22-year-olds, Triston Alleyne and Raheem Grimes, along with two 17-year-olds – Elijah Copeland and Diego Wilson – are also on remand.

Rouse returns to court on October 18. (RA)