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BLP team makes donation to Dominican people


BLP team makes donation to Dominican people

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The Barbados Labour Party family and supporters have donated just over $20 000 in foodstuff, water and personal items to the people of Dominica, following the devastation on that country by Hurricane Maria on Monday.

The items were delivered to the Barbados Coast Guard headquarters on Wednesday for shipment to Dominica.

The party donated 200 cases of water and 145 cases of foodstuff consisting of corned beef, baked beans, tuna, Vienna sausages, luncheon meat, mackerel and ensure. The personal items were made up of 52 cases that included bath soap, baby wipes, hand sanitiser, toothpaste, toothbrushes and insect repellent.

Pat Parris, the executive assistant to Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley, who managed the collection of the donations and the purchase of the items, said the effort came from the membership of the party from the various constituencies as well as a few traditional supporters.

Parris said the party is hoping to make another donation at a later date, and are presently in the process of collecting funds for that.

She also appealed to Barbadians to support this worthy effort by taking whatever they can directly to the Coast Guard headquarters on Spring Garden, or through an approved organisation of their choice.

“I know how tough things are for many Barbadians as we are poorer today than ten years ago. But despite that, give whatever you can to help Dominicans as they are literally at the mercies of the elements because of Hurricane Maria,” said Parris.  (PR)