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Bacardi donates US$3 million for disaster relief


Bacardi donates US$3 million for disaster relief

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HAMILTON, Bermuda – The family that owns the Bermuda-headquartered Bacardi has announced their donation of US$3 million for disaster relief and recovery efforts in the wake of devastation caused by two powerful hurricanes, Irma and Maria, and earthquakes in Mexico.

Bacardi will provide $2 million in cash and other assistance to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean island that has been home to the Bacardi rum distillery since 1936.

Puerto Rico was battered by Irma and Maria and left with billions of dollars worth of damage, a situation likely to exacerbate its debt crisis.

Bacardi will distribute the remaining $1 million to local relief agencies supporting communities impacted in Florida, other islands in the Caribbean and Mexico.

“The Bacardi family, company and our employees are deeply saddened by the devastation and horrific loss caused by the recent hurricanes and earthquakes,” sand Facundo Bacardi, chairman of family-owned Bacardi Ltd.

“We hope these donations will help alleviate some of the stress and pain people are experiencing while addressing some of their most basic needs.” 

Bacardi said it would provide immediate relief and longer-term rebuilding efforts in collaboration with several non-profit partners and local governments, including the government of Puerto Rico, in the affected communities.

Puerto Rico is also home to the Casa Bacardi visitor centre, the second most visited tourism venue in metro San Juan.

Other catastrophe-hit areas are home to Bacardi operations.

Bacardi rum is bottled in Jacksonville, Florida, and South Florida is home to the Bacardi North America’s regional headquarters office. 

In Mexico, the company has offices and production facilities for its rum and tequila brands.

Bacardi no longer has facilities in the Bahamas, but the company produced its rum there for nearly 50 years.

The $3 million pledge is in addition to the Bacardi USA contribution of up to $100 000 to support its business partners and others affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. (CMC)