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Cherry says sorry

CARLOS ATWELL, ​[email protected]

Cherry says sorry

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Anderson Cherry, the operator of the Reduce Quarry facility in Lower Estate, St George, is issuing a profound apology to anyone he may have offended during the recent town hall meeting.

He was seen smiling and some took offence as it appeared he was making light of their concerns about smoke and odour coming from the materials stored at the quarry, which they claimed were causing them respiratory distress.

They also complained about the state of the road leading to the quarry, which ran in front their homes, and the working hours kept by the quarry. There was also a warning from Barbados Water Authority consultant and former general manager Dr John Mwansa, who accused Cherry of improper practices which may result in the contamination of the island’s water supply.

In an interview with the WEEKEND NATION, Cherry wanted to make it clear he was taking all the concerns seriously and his demeanour that night was due to nervousness. (CA)