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Praying for gays


Praying for gays

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From my observation, some individuals appear to be gay from birth.

They just seemed to have more of the female genes. They never indulged in boyish activities, but preferred to play with dolls and keep house.

Later, I was led to conclude that it can also be a learnt behaviour, for economic and material reasons, as some young males do.

We Christians should pray for them, asking God to change their deviant behaviour.

Some Christian denominations do not sanction their practices or allow gays to marry in their churches. An Episcopal gay bishop in the United States was the first to be accepted in the Anglican Church. They should not allow gay marriages, neither should the practice be legalised.

A Canadian official advocated that we allow gay relationship marriages, lest we lose favour with the international community. Hence, we seem to be caught in a catch-22 situation.

One question I have regarding gay marriage, particularly if the partners adopt children: Who is the daddy and who is the mummy?

Islam is very strict in the condemnation of the practice. In the plant and animal kingdom we have male and female. There are also hermaphrodites, which have both of the sex organs. Lower organisms reproduce by cell division, binary fission, the nucleus splitting first, before the organism splits into separate organisms, for example, amoeba.

We need to stick to the God-ordained practice of male and female, whatever the consequences.


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