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Barrack money to be shared among team


Barrack money to be shared among team

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On Tuesday last, the House of Assembly passed a money resolution which included the sum of $9 571 796.50 to pay the costs awarded to Barrack Construction Limited in the dispute with the National Housing Corporation over the construction of the five-storey Warrens Office Complex.

The background to the matter is that a dispute arose between the parties in June 2002, which was referred to Sir Denys Williams as the agreed arbitrator. Barrack was represented by a team of lawyers, including Sir Fenton Ramsahoye SC and Mr Aidan Rogers, and headed by Sir Richard Cheltenham QC. 

The award was handed down in 2006 after an arbitration lasting 120 hearing days over a two-year period. Barrack’s legal team has remained unpaid for over a decade.

Supporting the legal team were three quantity surveyors, a civil engineer, and a documentalist – so extensive was the paperwork generated, over 20 000 pages. 

An article appeared in your newspaper earlier last week indicating that the $9 571 796.50 was for Sir Richard. That was wholly misleading in that the sum is to be shared among Sir Richard, his legal team and the professionals who assisted in the prosecution of the arbitration.

The sum also includes significant reimbursements to Barrack for the payment of half of the arbitrator’s brief fee, as well as the ancillary expenses for securing the venue, recording, transcribing and catering throughout the arbitration.