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Digicel Play is now Digicel


Digicel Play is now Digicel

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Digicel announced today that its home entertainment service, formerly known as Digicel Play, has been rebranded to Digicel. This change is part of Digicel’s 2030 commitment, which includes putting customers in control and delivering a superior experience across all areas of its business.

“This is all about simplifying our business to deliver the best and most amazing experiences and innovation to our customers as one single unified brand,” commented Peter Lloyd, Director of Marketing for Digicel Caribbean Limited.

Digicel said that this rebrand exercise is a seamless name change with no impact to customers. In addition, the purple colour that was once synonymous with Digicel Play will change overtime to Digicel’s iconic red.

“We’re committed to building on the improvements and investments we’ve made to our business over the years to deliver a more agile, simplified and unified brand ready to deliver a seamless experience to our customers now and in the future,” Lloyd added. (PR)