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Evidence going to the rats at District B

CARLOS ATWELL, ​[email protected]

Evidence going to the rats at District B

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Fears that some court cases may be irreparably compromised because of the condemned District B Station in Boarded Hall, St George, is much ado about nothing, said a senior officer.

Reports reaching the desk of NATION NEWS tell of a rusting metal container with rodent bitten court exhibits (evidence) inside.

A source said: “There is an abandoned container in the yard sent here – I don’t know why. It’s not conducive to a human being entering; when it rains, there is a bad stench and rats. If any of that evidence gets called to court, we would just have to say it’s infected, them things does happen. All now an audit is being done.”

The source lamented the condition of the entire station on a whole saying it had been condemned.

“District B on a whole is condemned, the magistrate and court already move out but they seem to think police officers are immune to ‘dirty-ness’. They need to get out of those conditions,” they said.

Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite said he was unaware of the situation and there were already procedures to deal with such matters.

However, much later another source said that he visited the station after the interview with the NATION.

“Apparently someone from the NATION contacted Adriel Brathwaite about the rat infested exhibit room. He just went to District B to investigate and . . . who was with him told him that there was no truth to it and did not take him to see. Someone took his . . .  who was appalled at what he saw. . . ,” they said.

A third source claimed the AG did visit.

“The container in bad shape but so is the entire station itself. The AG went there today; he said he heard about it. That container not ideal for exhibits, those should be in a cool location and stored in a manner as close as possible as to when they got into police custody but all that is in the purview of the station sergeant.

When contacted a second time and asked about whether he had visited the station, Brathwaite declined comment.

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