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Evidence Africa is cradle of civilisation


Evidence Africa is cradle of civilisation

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Ancient Africa supported life before any other continent. It was the mother of civilisation. With the archaeological evidence relics of ancient man proved that Africans were first on this planet, and he was always man, despite some evolutionary beliefs.

There is evidence to show that the huge Sahara Desert, as it is today, supported teeming life ten to 12 000 years ago as depicted in ancient paintings, in Algerian art. They depict animals and man living side by side during this period. Africans liked animals – for their survival.

The most plausible reason for the desertification of the Sahara must have been climate change, that “modern phenomenon” now affecting us and having a serious effect on populations living in coastal regions. It also has economic implications for countries dependent on tourism, the habitats for some species of animals and a myriad of events.

The remnants of giant trees can be found in the Sudan, preserved by silica. There is countervailing evidence to show that Africa is the cradle of civilisation.