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Do-it-yourself drain cleaning

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

Do-it-yourself drain cleaning

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IT WAS A DIRTY JOB, but somebody had to do it!

Neville Henry, of Perfection Road, Bush Hall,St Michael, put on gloves and boots and, armed with a shovel and wheelbarrow, went into the drain in front of his house and cleared it of all of the muck and debris.

He told the DAILY NATION it was blocked, causing water to settle in front of his house when it rained.

“There was a well that was behind my house for many years that was open,” he said. “The Government came and closed it and we have been having this problem where it builds up with debris.

“I usually go out and clean it but I find from the time I start cleaning it, Government doesn’t come and do their part.”

He expressed concern about the removal of the material since he and other neighbours tried many times yesterday morning to reach someone at the Drainage Unit, but to no avail.

However, a resident finally got through and yesterday afternoon a team from that unit turned up and removed the debris from the side of the road. (MB)