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Sunday Sun Shopping Tracker

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Sunday Sun Shopping Tracker

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It has been nearly four months since the National Social Responsibility Levy went from 2% to 10% on July 1.

The Sunday Sun has been keeping track of prices and last Thursday (October 26) we went shopping to see whether there has been a shift in the prices of items on the supermarket shelves since the NSRL increase.

The following interactive tracker shows a comparison in the prices of some items bought on June 26 – four days before the levy increase – and last Thursday, October 26 – exactly four months apart.

Our checks show that there has been an increase in prices on a number of items while others have remained the same. 

For the 22 items which we have been able to compare directly, the total cost of these items has gone up from $104 in June to $111.10 as of Thursday. (CM/AL-F)