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No winners or losers


No winners or losers

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In relation to the article appearing at Page 5 of the DAILY NATION of October 31, 2017 [headlined Money For Mia After Lawsuit], I, together with Mr Brian Barrow, appeared in matters CV 1218 of 2017 and 1218A of 2017 wherein Ms Mia Mottley, being the claimant in each proceeding, claimed against the Barbados Today that she had been defamed.

We filed defences in each action on behalf of Barbados Today.

At the hearing, which occurred on October 30, there were no arguments before the court. A consent order was agreed between the parties and the court actions were both withdrawn.

There could therefore have been no “winning” of any lawsuit as suggested in your article. There was no determination and/or adjudication upon any of the issues before the law court on that day or at all. There was no determination of any matter whether procedural or substantive. The parties themselves agreed on the manner of disposing of the court actions.

The claim that there was a successful argument before the court completely misrepresents what occurred and is a disservice to the parties involved.

We are officers of the court and our first duty is to the court and its process. It is therefore appropriate and obligatory that we make a statement by way of clarification on behalf of the court and all counsel who appeared so that the public may not be misled.

– C. ANTHONY AUDAIN, attorney at law