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Pothole hits pocket

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

Pothole hits pocket

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A St James man is facing a repair bill in excess of $800, the result, he said, of his car falling prey to a pothole in Cox Road, Christ Church.

Andrew Watson and his girlfriend Sherryann Headley came to the NATION’s Fontabelle offices on Monday night to show two tyres and a rim which were damaged in the incident.

Headley explained she had just left Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens after attending a funeral and as she approached St David’s around 5:40 p.m., the car fell into the pothole.

“The guy was coming on my side. He was offside, so I was trying to shun him. I did not see [the pothole] because there was no flag on that side. The flag is further up the [road], way past this pothole,” Headley said.

Both tyres on the left side of the vehicle were damaged and a piece about six inches long broke off the rim.

Watson said it was the second time this year he had lost a battle with a pothole. On Old Year’s Night, after picking up Headley from work, he fell into a pothole near the old Coach House property in St James and his tyre burst, he said.

He bought two new tyres yesterday, but has not been able to find a compatible rim. (SAT)