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Use taxis just as T&T does


Use taxis just as T&T does

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Public transportation in Barbados is in crisis. The Transport Board is limping along, unable to fulfil its mandate.

Poor Barbadian commuters are now being made to feel less than human as they are subjected to three-hour waits for buses.

Pensioners, old and bent, mothers with babes in arms, schoolchildren as young as four years, tired workers, frustration etched on their faces, are subjected to this inhumane treatment day after day.

No solution seems to be on the horizon from a financially hamstrung Government.

I am therefore suggesting that taxi operators be allowed to collect passengers for a reasonable fare, until the situation is remedied.

It is my understanding that this type of arrangement exists in Trinidad and the United States.

Currently, we have a large fleet of taxis that are struggling to stay in business. This arrangement would ease the crisis as well as bring some relief to them.

Minister, please consider this proposal. 

– Jerome Davis