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Have you met Paulo?


Have you met Paulo?

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Paulo’s Churrasco do Brasil is a true Brazilian Churrasqueria serving a wide selection of unlimited top quality meats and poultry traditionally seasoned and charcoal grilled the way the gauchos did in Southern Brasil centuries ago.

Located in St. Lawrence Gap, Paulo’s is a fantastic location for Corporate Dinners, birthdays, or a simple evening of flavour and drinks. For the all you can eat style, the waiters, or passadors, move around the restaurant with the skewers, slicing meat onto the customer’s plate only stopping when you’ve had your fill. All meats are cooked on racks over the fire with fattier items placed on top so that the juices will drip down and flavour the other cuts. This fare is accompanied by an extensive all you can eat salad and dessert bar.

Operations manager of Paulo’s Churrasco do Brasil, Lloyd Hoyte, is very excited for the current season and new look of Paulo’s.


“We’ve revamped our menu. Now you can have fourteen different cuts of meat. You can eat until you say when to stop. That now includes our chocolate fountain and desserts, shrimp, fish have also been added onto the menu. It’s a good variety”, said Lloyd.

“We have pork, pork shoulder, pork leg, pork crackling, pork sausage, chicken wrapped with bacon, chicken leg, chicken thigh, tenderloin, rump steak, flank steak, sirloin, you can add cheese. We are here to satisfy your requests. We get a lot of business people coming through, a lot of casual people coming through, people with birthdays and special occasions, it’s great for all”.

“For Christmas, we’re going to have some extra items added to our menu. We’re going to have lobster for sure and of course the traditional Christmas Farmer’s Choice Ham. Just come on down and let us know what you need because we try to meet every need of our customers, we’re here to meet everyone’s demand”.


Open from 6 p.m., Paulo’s Churrasco do Brasil is a brilliant place to spend an evening indulging in a different culture while soaking up the beautiful bay views of Barbados. The last seating is at 9:45, so make sure to get your table in time to treat yourself to this treasure.

To make your reservation call 428-6767.

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