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BWA responding to overflows on South Coast


BWA responding to overflows on South Coast

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Crews of the Wastewater Division (WWD) of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) are currently on the scene of overflows on the South Coast of the Island; notably Hastings, Worthing and Rendezvous in Christ Church.

These overflows are due to a breach in the network system and a block in the sewage lines.

Following a strategy meeting at the South Coast Sewage Treatment Plant (SCSTP) earlier this week with technical teams from the Authority and the WWD, specialised materials have been ordered to address the on-going challenges in the network and in the lines.

In the interim the WWD’s crews are working assiduously to manage the overflows until the breach and blockage can be rectified.

The BWA apologises for any inconvenience to its valued customers and the public and thanks them for their patience and understanding. (PR)