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Why not repair the Stadium?


Why not repair the Stadium?

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I was pleased to see Andi Thornhill’s article Whither The Stadium in the Midweek Nation (November 8).

He wrote: “So, if it is true that engineers who examined the Stadium said that the general structure of the stands is good, why not repair what has to be and let normal service resume until we can do better by erecting a modern facility?”

On November 6, Barbados Business Authority included the information provided in the Central Bank of Barbados’ review of the nine months to September 30, 2017.

From this review, we learn that “tax revenues increased by $98.6 million, due in part, to a $48.8 million boost in receipts from the National Social Responsibility Levy. In addition, excise taxes rose by $46.4 million, resulting from higher excises on fuels and improved chargeable values on imported goods”.

Surely with these substantial increases in tax collected, the Government can quickly take action to remedy the deplorable state of the National Stadium. Young Barbadians have demonstrated for some time that if they are provided with the proper facilities they can perform exceptionally. I believe the track at Waterford is in very good condition, but without proper seating for the audience it is understandable that fewer people come to watch and support the athletes.

Where are the pride and industry?

With prompt action, I’m sure that the situation could be improved in time for the various athletic events scheduled for February or March next year. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


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