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Long-time Mega 6 player hits jackpot


Long-time Mega 6 player hits jackpot

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David Stoute has become an instant millionaire by winning The Barbados Lottery’s Mega 6 jackpot of $1 000 000. The winning ticket was purchased at Montrose Supermarket in Christ Church and he was the sole winner, so he will walk away with the full amount.

Stoute, a 56-year-old father of three, said  he had selected the winning numbers, 10-14-20-27-30-33 by himself and at random. He has ten slips, each with randomly and manually selected numbers that he usually plays.

On this occasion he chose three of his slips to play and it wasn’t until the following morning while he was reading the newspaper that he saw the winning numbers printed and recognised that some of them were his. When he checked his ticket, he made the exciting discovery that all the numbers in the paper were, in fact, his own.

On making such an amazing discovery, Stoute said that he felt quite calm but admitted to feeling more excited a few moments later when the realisation sank in. When asked what the first thing he did was, after making the discovery, he said, “I turned off the oven, so my food didn’t burn!” before heading to work.

A long-time player of the lottery, Stoute says he has been playing every day for the past 25 years. His dedication has finally paid off for both him and his daughter, to whom he plans to give all of the winnings. He regularly plays Double Draw, Super Lotto and Mega 6 which is his favourite.

Fontana Roach, brand manager of The Barbados Lottery was very excited for Stoute and his big win: “Stoute has shown great dedication and optimism by playing every day for so many years and I am extremely happy that it has finally paid off for him.”  Roach also took the opportunity to encourage more people to play as The Barbados Lottery supports many good causes such as the National Sports Council, The Barbados Olympic Association, The Barbados Cricket Association and The Barbados Turf Club.

Stoute offered some sound advice to potential winners, “Keep playing, you could be a winner too!”

Mega 6 draws are done four times a week, live, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and are aired on CBC Television. Tickets are available at 233 retailers islandwide. (PR)