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How to clean up Barbados


How to clean up Barbados

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I have been writing letters to the editor about the litter that spoils Barbados for over 20 years, but sadly nothing has been done, and I suspect that this letter will also be a waste of time and ink. 

As I write this, the island is strewn with plastic bottles, cups, styrofoam containers, fast-food containers, cans, bags of garbage, and much more. This makes it difficult for me to be proud of my country; but more importantly, as a high-end tourist destination, this makes no sense. 

Also, if we really are serious about attracting international business, a clean country is much more appealing to outside investors than one covered in litter. 

To clean up Barbados, Government needs to stop talking and act, and below are a few steps that need to be taken: 

• Ticket people who litter. 

• Fine illegal dumpers heavily. 

• Amend the Returnable Container Act to include all plastic bottles and drink cans.

• Ban styrofoam containers.

• Place more litter bins in public areas.

• Ensure that open-back trucks use nets. 

• Have a more efficient means of litter collection.

• Have enough garbage trucks to clean the island on a regular basis.

The Minister of the Environment has nothing tangible to show for the last ten years. Let us hope that if there is soon a new minister, that he or she has the will to actually be proactive and get this country cleaned up. 

– Peter Bynoe

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