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Trinity Clarke deserved standing ovation


Trinity Clarke deserved standing ovation

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I would like to make the following little plea to my fellow adult Barbadians when you experience an 11-year-old child performing onstage with the magnificence that young Trinity Clarke exhibited when she performed at the Rihanna street-naming ceremony, please follow the example of Rihanna and get up on your feet and give that child a standing ovation!

If an adult performer had delivered a performance of that quality it would have been deserving of a standing ovation. How much more so then a child?

We Barbadians have a very regrettable tendency to take our own performing artistes for granted, and to routinely respond to fantastic performances in a tepid restrained manner. This is to be deprecated, particularly when one is dealing with a child performer.

The plain truth is that Trinity Clarke sang and performed like a seasoned adult professional singer. Indeed, one would have to search far and wide in the international arena to find another 11-year-old with the talent and professionalism of our Trinity. We should all be very proud of her!

I would  like to publicly extend kudos to Nikita as well for a very outstanding performance!